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POS billing and Taxes

In retail business POS billing is one of the important factor to make the customer satisfy and happy. Connectivity is one of the major challenge in operation of POS and it’s data reconciliation with the central server.

The customers spends more time in store selecting items but when it comes to billing – they need it fast i.e. No waiting time for billing and payment.High labor turnover and relatively low computer literacy is common in retail industry, so it is critical that your POS system requires little training to operate.

Taxation part is also a major challenge in retail business as the taxation on various goods and items based on commodity of products and it needs to be managed within the system in such a way that the billing and tat related statutory requirement could be met.

In order to meet the above requirement The ALPSeRetials POS billing system is designed keeping in view this aspect as it runs in off-line mode and the reconciliation from the central server happens near real time basis. The Barcode based billing system enables the POS operator for fast billing with lesser training. Some of the major highlights of the system on Tax module are as under:

  • Customizable Accounting Schema
  • Comply with the Tax-regulations as per Indian Taxation Act.
  • Advanced Tax Module, complex tax rules / regulations.
  • Handle taxes at central, multiple-state & city levels
  • Product Costing Report (Limit (PO) price, min. / max., standard, average, current, future)
  • Multi Tax Categories: At region/state/country, product levels
  • Various book of accounts / Journals: General Ledger / GL, Cashbook, Bankbook, etc.
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