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Bar Coding & Inventory Management:

ALPSeRetail System helps you to keep right inventory to increase profits and reduce cost.

Our System can be implemented very fast without hampering the sales and other day-to-day processes. This means you do not lose anything while implementing. It includes a complete Stock Accounting for any number of Products and SKU's with a set of user definable options to suit your business needs.

Our barcode integration mechanism eliminates these errors and also speeds up your purchase and sale process. Barcode designer and one click generation of barcode labels with barcode printers makes the process easy.

The correct hierarchy is the mother of all MIS (Management Information System). Correct categorization is half job done in retail. Our Inventory module helps you to correctly classify and categorize complete stock accounting for any number of products and SKUs. With our innovative procedures you can avoid common mistakes and create a healthy hierarchy which in turn helps to reduce the stock cost. Following are the main features of our eRetail product:

Opening Stock Management:

ALPSeRetail System facilitates the user to simply scan the product UPC/EAN and provide information such as quantity, cost price, MRP, sale price and other dimension of like size, color, design, etc. as applicable.

Sale Management:

POS – Point of Sale – A do–it–yourself section of ALPSeRetail System Inventory. It reduces the responsibilities/ work load of an operator and boosts his/ her efficiency for greater more productivity.

Stock Maintenance:

Plan your merchandize by quickly looking at its performance in your inventory book. ALPSeRetailSystem generates a few selected and finest inventory reports that facilitate an entrepreneur in making the right decision at the right time.

Our ALPSeReatilsystem is enriched with various kind of MIS reporting and DSS for different hierarchy in the operations group.

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