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Multiple Retail Store Management

ALPSeRetail Multi Location brings you the enterprise wide connectivity across all of your stores, warehouse and back office.

You just need simple dial up or a broadband internet connection. No need to have fixed IP or leased lines. The smart client technology allows each location to work independently even if the internet connectivity is lost. Whenever the connectivity is stored it syncs the data automatically with head office.

Occasionally Connected Clients:

If you cannot afford to lose sale, customer and revenue just for unreliable internet connection, deploying a web based application obviously won't work. By considering ALPSeRetail, You can carry out all the store operation without worrying about the connectivity. Everything gets updated automatically when its gets next connection.

Near Real Time: If the internet connectivity is stable, it synchronizes the data in near-real-time. This means you do not have to wait for day end and manually import the data.

Deployment: Initial Installation is very easy and fast. ALPSeRetailinstallation can be managed from our remote support center subjected to readiness of client’s environment.

Centralized Setting: All the settings like printing, options and security is centrally controlled. This means there is Zero Setup at branch location. The setup does not require special skills at the branch location

Regular Update: The update process is built in the application itself. Once the server is updated using "Auto Update" function, all the clients gets updated automatically.

Automatic Data Synchronization

The data is automatically synchronized based on the data sending rules. This gives you ultimate control on what data should synchronize. The best part is that no human intervention is required. No manual import and export.

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