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Order, Challan & Price List

As the business grows, work load increases, number of transaction, quantity of inventory and area of business. We need a tool-box full of effective tools which reduces human effort and increases the efficiency of manpower. ALPSeRetail provides a couple of such beautiful tools that re-directs your energy towards betterment of your business and frees you from complex day-to-day tasks.

Some of such tools are:

  • Order & Challan
  • Price List
  • Bulk Update of Data
  • Change Product Hierarchy for Single or a Group of Products
  • Change Account Hierarchy for Single or Multiple Accounts
  • Change Customer Type or Status for Single or a Group of Customers
  • Copy Voucher

Purchase Order:

Purchase Order is vital document to any form of retail business. It allows you to clearly communicate your requirements to your supplier viz., items, quantities, prices and details of products. ALPSeRetail lets you easily create purchase orders and link single or multiple purchase bills. This saves your time of putting a check on what inventories are coming in and also secures you from having the same bill entered more than once.

Bulk Update:

Bulk Update of business data allows you to change the categorization and grouping of single or multiple products at one go. It also allows you to change the hierarchy of single or multiple account ledgers at one time. You can also change the type and status of single or group of customers. Copy Voucher allows you to copy a voucher instead of creating it again. It is useful for recurring nature of transactions like rent and salary payment. These tools are made to reduce the human effort and increase the efficiency.


ALPSeRetail Analysis Reports has following features:

  • Periodical Purchase
  • Periodical Sale
  • Top Purchase
  • Top Sale
  • Sale by Day / Time
  • Sale by Type
  • Stock Movement
  • Profitability
  • Inventory Margin Mix
  • No Stock and No Sale Report
  • Price Point Analysis
  • Stock Aging
  • Void Item and Variance Analysis