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Scheme & Promotions

Scheme and Promotion produce very pronounced effects to retail business. It is indisputable that Scheme and Promotion offer retail store a series of benefits which other forms of marketing communications cannot duplicate.

ALPSeRetail offers a bouquet of scheme and promotion fairly customizable to suite your business needs. It is set on

  • Date Range for single, multiple or all week days
  • Time Range for single, multiple or all week days (Happy Hour Pricing)
  • Product – single, multiple or all products
  • Location – single, multiple or all locations (chain of outlets)

ALPSeRetail Scheme & Promotions has following benefits:

  • Increase stock turn and reduce cost: Discounting retail inventories of non-moving or slow-moving products, price promotions effectively liquidate the inventory and reduce the stock holding cost.
  • Increase in sale: It enable customers to try out different products thereby creating more consumer choice. Since different items are on promotion every week, increased consumer choice results in increased sale.
  • Increase walk-in conversion ratio: Providing irresistible deals to visitor will force them to make short-term decisions. The customer usually based their decisions on the price of the product therefore with reduced prices; customer might just be forced to make purchases even if they did not originally intend to do so.
  • Increase in profit levels: Since the appeal of retail products is, to a huge extent, determined by price, sales promotions enable companies to adjust the retail price of the product for short periods of time and with minimal price difference. Sales promotions aim to increase sales in the short-term.
  • Introduce new product with minimum risk: The principal companies prefer introducing new products backed by a store-based sales promotion. Short-term sales promotional enable retail to offer temporary displays of the products, price cuts and paid advertising, which could result in more sales and revenue with minimum risk.
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